An Introduction from Us at Lynch and Loose Clothing - Lynch & Loose Clothing

An Introduction from Us at Lynch and Loose Clothing

So here is our first ever Blog.. Where we want to give you just a little back ground on who we are.. Enjoy the read🤘
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So firstly just want to say a massive Hello!

I want to make sure that the first blog on the page is part of our launch, and also want to give a little explanation to who we are and what we are about...

I'm sure Blogs will be posted, but on what frequency, I'm not to sure, as we do have a business to run!! We want blogs to be a forum for sharing our views on what is important to us, not just throwing products and sales down your throats..

So aim is to keep this as a forum for communicating on our brand, what projects we are working on, what we think is important, interesting and how we are going on on sustainable journey etc..

So first Elephant.... Our Name...

Well the “Lynch”, is a small area in the village of Polesworth, Staffordshire (An Old Mining Village).. that was renowned for bringing the community together and showing solidarity..

“Loose” for us, is about being free and expressing who You are!! We like to have a relaxed clothing style, with a great design.

So for us as company it defines togetherness, helping communities and and doing it in our own way..

And why a Bear?? Well a bear is Wild, Intelligent with craft of surviving and also with a local link check here for more..

So our passions will transfer into our designs, from Walking, Hiking, being Outdoors and looking for Adventure.....


This ties into, We've committed to only using Organic Cotton which is a huge step towards conserving one of our most important resources FRESH WATER (organic cotton requires 90% Less water to grow than UN-organic Cotton) and eliminating the use of chemical pollutants in cotton farming soils. We've banned plastics from DAY ONE, so no PLASTICS that is our promise to you!

We are also introducing from the very start, of planting a TREE with every order, and also give you the option to participate in that too..

So to finish off I would like to give a huge warm welcome to all of you that have embraced the brand so far, this is just the beginning and we can't wait to have you all join the team working towards a positively sustainable future! 🌎🤙